Skin Rejuvenation

The desire to appear more youthful combined with the popularity of sun worship without the result of sun damage, has increased the demand of skin rejuvenation procedures. Aggressive chemical peels and laser resurfacing can produce impressive results, however the extended downtime and risk of infection, scarring and permanent hypo-pigmentation associated with these procedures has left them underused.

face_skinInstead non-ablative rejuvenation technologies such as our IPL system are gaining popularity.  Our non-invasive IPL rejuvenation treatment improves the texture and overall appearance of sun damaged skin without the disruption of skin surface.  Our Skin Rejuvenation treatment rejuvenates the skin using Intense Pulsed Light, without the need for injections used in similar procedures. All parts of the skin and body can be treated, leaving you looking and feeling younger with the skin feeling smoother by removing age spots, sun damage and uneven pigment.

The skin rejuvenation procedure is based on light absorption in melanin and haemoglobin, but:

How does the IPL system work?

The IPL skin rejuvenating system emits varied wavelength of Intense Pulsed Light. The IPL skin rejuvenating system can permeate the cuticle to the derma and take effect on the abnormal pigment and vessel. Such target tissues break the abnormal pigment cells, close the abnormal blood vessels, and stimulate the proliferation of collagen and improve the rearrangement of elastic fibers.

The IPL hand piece delivers high intensity pulses of broadband light that is different from the narrow band light of lasers. IPL is a non-ablative meaning that is does not damage the surface of the skin. The intense light is delivered to the deeper parts of the skin (dermis) and leaves the superficial aspect of the skin (epidermis) untouched. When the light is absorbed by the pigment, vascular lesion or red spider veins, and the body recognises them as waste and migrates them out through the lymphatic system.

Is It For Me?
At Maram’s Clinic we use Intense Pulse Light to treat skin conditions such as

  • Pigmentation on the entire face and body
  • Sun damage
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Fine lines and smoothes the skin
  • Freckles
  • Age spots on the entire face and body
  • Benign vascular lesions
  • Broken veins and capillaries

IPL is a “no down time” procedure. There is no other technology that can accomplish all essential treatment objectives.

Redness on the chest
Redness on the chest can be treated successfully with IPL although several treatments are necessary.

Amazing results on hands and arms
Quantum IPL offers a very significant result for treating brown spots on the hand even after one treatment.

IPL for overall uneven skin
IPL does not treat hypopigmented (areas where pigment is lost) skin. Hyperpigmented lesions (brown spots) are successfully treated with the quantum which gives the skin an overall evenness.  Please read on for further information about Pigmentation treatments.

For fine lines and wrinkles
treating fine lines can begin once the pigment has been cleared. Using a collagen treatment head you can expect exceptional results for fine lines, wrinkles and the reduction of enlarged pores.

IPL for Rosacea
After initial treatment maintenance treatments will be required to manage rosacea condition. An appropriate skin care program is also recommended for optimum results.

Removal of red facial veins
Red facial veins often require several treatments and can bruise slightly at the time of treatment. The bruised appearance only lasts for a couple of days.

What will I look like?
Most clients experience a darkening of pigment for a period of 5-7 days. It looks like Milo on the skin. This can easily be covered with makeup and soon clears.

In some rare cases bruising and swelling can occur. This is only temporary, not harmful to the skin and usually only lasts for a few days.

Although rarely, blistering can occur and should be treated as you would a normal blister, keeping the area covered and free from infection.

How many treatments will I need?
Usually 3-4 treatments using specific filters are required to reduce most of the pigment and red veins.

Once this significant clearing has occurred, a series of treatments using a filter which stimulates and remodels collagen is used to complete the rejuvenation.

Is IPL treatment safe?

Our IPL system is TGA and FDA approved for treatments and safety.  Some people may experience mild reddening post treatment, but other complications are rare. The Intense Pulsed Light system delivers energy to the skin at a gentle level.

What happens during a treatment?

A cool gel is spread over the treatment area if required. The IPL skin rejuvenation handpiece is then applied to the skin and pulses of light a released from the handpiece and begin to treat the skin condition.  A laser aid gel is applied post treatment to help cool the skin from the heat created during the treatment.

Can IPL machine damage or burn the skin?

IPL being more advanced than other systems, has a separate cooling system around the treatment head and also has an in-built cooling system. This provides effective and safe treatments which reduces the side effect of burning.

Should I be doing any preparation prior to my treatment?

You should avoid sun exposure and tanning (including artificial tanning products and procedures) before and after your treatments. An SPF of 30 or higher should be used on treatment areas before and after the procedure.

Do you have uneven skin tone on your face, chest or back?

The pigmentation you are unhappy with can be treated with  IPL at Maram’s Clinic

Over exposure to the sun causes significant damage to the skin which creates a variety of issues such as age spots, freckles, pigmentation, wrinkles and a decrease in collagen.

Sun damage causes the melanocytes (pigment carrying cells) in the skin to be stimulated thereby producing more pigments to protect the skin.  Over time, the melanocytes become abnormally concentrated in an area producing these uneven skin tones.  The results are freckles, age spots, uneven skin tones, dilated capillaries and wrinkles. IPL treatments are superior at reducing hyper pigmentations by pushing the offending pigment out of the cells. This treated area will appear as a mild scabbing however, will slough off within one- two weeks.  Scrubbing is not permitted in this healing time. The result achieved is even skin tone, reduced capillaries and fresh rejuvenated skin.

The reason behind our consistently exceptional results is that we realise you need an individual, tailored plan to treat the severity of your skin condition. Having a thorough plan will in time lead to outstanding results.

FAQs about Pigmentation

What Causes Hyper Pigmentation? Pigmentation is a result of sun exposure, ageing, hormones (melasma), pregnancy (chloasma) and skin damage. How is Pigmentation Treated? The pigment can be superficial and easy to remove or can be located deeper in the skin and harder to remove.

During consultation we will recommend a test patch of IPL and look at your skin underneath a woods lamp. For some individuals it is harder to be treated for pigmentation with IPL due to their skin type. You will also be asked a few questions from your Nurse such as your age, overall health, medication intake and medical history


The longer the pigment has been present and the severity of the pigment plays a major role in the expected results. It is harder to remove a pigment that is very deep and has beenpresent for over a long time; however, significant and satisfactory reduction can usually be achieved in most patients.  The pigment improves gradually over time and sun exposure will make it recur after treatment, Sun Block and pigment cream will need to be a ritual in order to inhibit hyper pigmentation.


When treating pigmentation avoid excessive sun / UV exposure. You must apply SPF 30+ and zinc cream. Always wear a hat when outdoors. Do not use any face wash creams on the day of treatment. No perfume and jewellery must be worn near treatment area. We strongly recommend you apply Skinstitut Perfect protection post treatment and use Even blend serum to work parallel with IPL treatments.


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